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Whiter teeth in 2 hrs and no horrible taste in your mouth

“I am all about comfort. I hate the drooling, slobbering, mess, nasty taste, and time-consumption of other teeth whitening products that I’ve used. (Crest white strips anyone?) Even though I had never used Rembrandt brand before, I was pleasantly surprised with this product. There is a special mouth tray that you mold to your teeth, you simply dip it for a few seconds in hot water (I just microwaved a mug of water as if I was making tea) and then put them in your mouth and bite down. 5 seconds later, the tray has molded perfectly to your teeth. Then you take the trays out, squeeze some of the whitening cream into the tray, and wear them for 15 minutes. I used the 2 hour program while I was browsing the internet, writing some letters, painting my nails- and there was no drooling, or extra saliva in my mouth. The trays were big enough to keep the whitening product in the trays and not oozing out into my mouth, but small enough so that I could wear both trays (top and bottom) without feeling uncomfortable. It was very easy, I am very pleased.
The whiteness lasted pretty long too, I’d say about 6 months. And, I never felt any tooth sensitivity (cold/heat) afterward like I did with other products.”


Solar power systems – it’s more affordable than you thought!

You may think that you will be shelling out a lot of money on a personal home solar power system. It’s still true – it’s not cheap, but it gets cheaper and you won’t have to deal with those bloody smart-meters!

Probably the best CD, DVD and BluRay burning software – Burning Suite Platinum

These are the same programs that you can buy directly from the company but you will pay much more. The software works very well with details and menus to create edit and produce music, videos and more. NCH is a premium professional suite for serious users. I would recommend this product even if you want only one program from the suite. The price is great.

Candle Making for fun or for money!

Start with the basic and expand later if you like it. We have supplies and books that can turn your hobby into a profitable business!

Isn’t it time to go off the grid?

Solar power systems you can do yourself. Kick your power company fore good!

Dirt Bike Accessories

If you want your ride to stand out from the crowd out there – you better accessorize!

Frigidaire Mini Window Air Conditioner – perfect for smaller rooms

This thing screams quality. The boxing / packaging is great. The fit and finish of the unit is perfect. Some very skilled design and workmanship went into this A/C. You could honestly not ask or expect any better. People are saying this thing cools down 2 or 3 rooms with ease. My application will just be one med size bedroom. So far, I have it set to low cool on 3 or 4 and the room is night and day different in terms of comfort.

For the money, the weight of the unit, the fit and finish, name brand, etc. This is about the best investment I’ve made in sometime. Hats off to the folks at Frigidaire. I mean really, I just cannot put this fantastic product / experience into the words they deserve.